Mira and the magnetic heart

It’s just a tough task to listen to your heart while you just want to live a normal life. Peter Jones ’latest fairytale hero Mira lives in the future, where everyone has a special microchip implanted in their body. People listen to the advice of their microchip.When Mira was born, she couldn’t get a microchip. At first, she is sad about it and wants to live like she has one. Suddenly, in the wake of an astonishing encounter, we learn what happens when we listen to our hearts and act accordingly.

Find out what it’s like when you hear the word of your heart!

1690 Ft

1690 Ft



Mira and the magnetic heart is about a young girl who lives in a magical future. This story plays in a world where everyone gets a microchip built into their bodies at birth, next to their heart. Mira is the only girl who can not get the chip as her heart is too big.
Each child follows and listens to what the microchip says but Mira has to learn to listen and to follow her own heart. The chip tells everyone, who to marry, where to live, where to work but Mira is the only one who has to learn for herself.
More and more people start following her and realize that following our own hearts is the most special thing in life.

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32 pages


Peter Jones

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