The beggar king and the wise man

The second part of The Beggar King bestseller has already sold more than 3,000+ copies.

Continuing his journey, the Beggar King wants to get to the famous Wise Man to answer his questions. During his wanderings, he encounters a mage, a turtle, and a beggar. All three help the Beggar King, but in return they want their questions to be answered as well.

Through the lines of the wonderful tale of The Beggar King and the Wise, Peter Jones reveals the barriers that hold us back from our desired goals. Walking the path of the wisdom of the Beggar King, you will find the answers to 3 essential questions. Experience the adventure too!

1805 Ft

1805 Ft



The journey of the beggar king starts off in a magical village called wisdom. The king meets with a little funny chipmunk named Chippy , who steals from him and then ends up giving advice about a mysterious wise man far away.
The king decides to take the long path to find and ask for advice from the wise man. On his long journey he meets with a thousand year old wizard, a wise turtle and a beggar who all help him reach the wise man but also ask for help in exchange.
The beggar King and the Wise man is a story full of wisdom and about putting other people first in order to truly get what we want in life.

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40 pages


Peter Jones

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