The beggar king

This bestseller already sold in more than 3,000+ copies. It is Peter Jones’ second storybook.

One day a sad but wise king decides to change his life. He dresses in a beggar’s robe and leaves his throne. He tries to pass on his wise knowledge in the village of his people, but there is only a small boy who listens to him. The Beggar King hands over his wisdom to him, dispelling the doubts of the child and later his people.

The Beggar King is a book of enlightment and with its hero and with the little boy in the shawl we can show the path to happiness to our child. Through courage, a beggar who has become a king brings forth exemplary wisdom that strengthens our faith in life. Discover the secret of the path to happiness with your child.

1330 Ft

1330 Ft



The Beggar King is about a rich king who wants a change in his life. He dresses up as a beggar and goes to the very end of his kingdom where he has only been when he was a child.  Nobody recognizes him and no one believes that he is the true king. Only a little boy believes that he is the king.  This book is filled with wisdom and teaches us how to listen to our inner hearts.

A long time ago in a land far awayLived an unhappy King with little to say
He was rich, he was wise and had a strong heart
He wanted a change, a brand new start
He dressed as a beggar to escape his Kingdom
To try to teach others, those who would listen
Nobody believed him, they thought him a clown
But he was the only true King around
Until one day a little boy came along
Who heard his story and liked his song
He was the only one who believed in the King
Dressed as a beggar and his fake looking ring.

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Peter Jones

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