The three magic seeds

Peter Jones’s first miracle book. It is a beautiful work that has been sold more than 3000+ copies.

Jose Silva, the founder of the brain control method, performed an experiment, he planted same trees in 2 different places and grew them in different ways. The result still knocks us down with a feather.

The three miracle seeds are about 3 siblings. Each of them got a seed from their father. The siblings began to cultivate the seeds in different ways, showing us the miracles we can do with our attitude and love.

Find out with your child how we can create happiness with our attitude!

1805 Ft

1805 Ft



The three magic seeds is about a special father who gives one seed to each of his sons. Instead of giving them huge blocks of land and money the father only gives them a letter with a message.

The oldest son gets a plum seed, the second oldest gets an apple seed and the youngest son gets a peach seed. All three sons receive the same message from their father:

Care for the seed and talk to the seed every day and you will receive love, abundance and happiness in every way.

The three magic seeds has a deep message that all children can use and learn in life.  The power of positivity, caring  and giving.

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Peter Jones

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